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September 29, 2010 CNN Schools struggle to feed kids healthy food
September 8, 2010 KCBS SF Kids Eating Better
February 3, 2010 SF Examiner More kids eating school lunches due to pilot program
January 20, 2010 SF Chronicle Schools switch sugars in chocolate milk
April 30, 2009 SF Education Examiner In tough economy, students beg Congress: more money for better school food
May 3, 2009 SF Education Examiner Rep. Speier accepts invitation to school lunch at Lincoln
August 24, 2008 SF Chronicle Now is time to fight for better school food
June 5, 2008 Beyond Chron Speak up for better school food
April 28, 2008 KCBS SF Schools Trying Out "Food for Thought"
March 11, 2008 KGO SF school lunch programs losing money
March 7, 2008 SF Examiner Lunch-line ID cards sweeping The City
February 22, 2008 The Lowell New cafeteria, beanery options promote healthier diet
November 29, 2007 Beyond Chron Prop H Committee Should Support Studentís Nutritional Needs
November 28, 2007 SF Bay Guardian Feed our students well
October 11, 2007 Beyond Chron School Beat: A Tale of Two Cities--Why School Food is Better in Berkeley
September 28, 2007 KCBS Junk Food Still in Bay Area Schools, Despite Legislation
September 20, 2007 BeyondChron Salad Days
September 6, 2007 BeyondChron School Beat: The Populist, Radical School Food Revolution
September 5, 2007 KCBS Salad Bars Open In 15 SF Public School Cafeterias
September 3, 2007 SF Examiner S.F.ís schools reach their salad days
August 28, 2007 KALW Radio Looking at Education with Carol Kocivar (MP3 Audio Download)
April 19, 2007 CBS5 Making Healthy Choices Easy to 'Grab'
April 15, 2007 SF Chronicle San Francisco schools are kissing junk food goodbye. Here's why.
March 6, 2007 SF Chronicle Junk-food wars
February 8, 2007 Beyond Chron Got Breakfast?
January 8, 2007 SF Examiner Nutritional guidelines icing out bake sales
October 2006 How One Mom Kicked Junk Food Out of School
October 13, 2006 California Connected The Lunch Lady
October 13, 2006 California Connected Extended Scenes: The Lunch Lady
October 1, 2006 SF Examiner New ways tried to get kids to eat
September 20006 American Journal of Public Health Healthier Choices and Increased Participation in a Middle School Lunch Program: Effects of Nutrition Policy Changes in San Francisco
May 8, 2006 SF Examiner Schools ramping up student fitness
March 23, 2006 KGO Schools focus on healthy food options
March 23, 2006 SF Chronicle Linking health and schools
October 13, 2005 Beyond Chron Mythbusters
October 11, 2005 SF Chronicle Breaking the Breakfast Barrier
September 29, 2005 San Jose Mercury News S.F. school gives students a healthy breakfast option
June 6, 2005 SF Chronicle Breakfast in the classroom
May 3, 2005 SF Examiner S.F. school surveys students about breakfast
February, 2005 Edutopia Doritos, Dumped
November 24, 2004 Beyond Chron School Beat
November 17, 2004 Beyond Chron School Beat
October 29, 2004 Business Week From Fat Nation to Fit Nation
October 8, 2004 SF Chronicle Harvey Milk students belly up to first elementary school salad bar in district
September, 2004 How to Make a Difference at Your Child’s School
August 31, 2004 SF Examiner New year, new food
July 29, 2004 California Project LEAN Healthy Eating Bright Ideas
July 2, 2004 California School Board Assn. Districts meet the challenge of healthy choices
June 11, 2004 SF Chronicle Students win honors for immigrant tales
May 23, 2004 SF Chronicle Big man on campus at S.F. schools alters the way children eat -- and they like it
April 13, 2004 SF Chronicle Healthier vending machines
March 9, 2004 SF Chronicle Improving campus diets
February 16, 2004 SF Chronicle The Junk Food Wars
February 5, 2004 Education News Junk Food off the Menu at San Francisco Schools
August 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Senate signs on to limit soft drink sales on campus
August 24, 2003 SF Chronicle Banishing junk food
June 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Battle of the bulge: One school's victory
April 4, 2003 SF Chronicle One school's uncanny success with junk-food ban
January 15, 2003 SF Chronicle S.F. schools join war on obesity, ban junk food
January 14, 2003 SF Chronicle JUNK FOOD: S.F. school district considers ban

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